Plywood, thread, needles, magnets, bronze
Wooden structure 6′ diameter, 38″ high
Bronze tornado: 12″ high

Threads are affixed to one set of wooden struts with eyehooks. Needles are tied to the thread, and then strung to an opposite wooden strut on which rare earth magnets are fixed. The thread length is calibrated so that the needles do not touch the magnets, but are held in the magnetic field. Consequently, the threads float in space.

I have used this technique to “draw” shapes (such as tornados, constellations, and wavelengths) that extend from one wall to another or from the floor to windows. Unfortunately, these “drawings” are difficult to document. Please see Banff Magnet in the installation gallery for another close-up of the floating needles.

Photo credit: Evan Rensch

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